Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anatomy of a KM Comic- Mr Nilson

Last summer, I put together Mr. Nilson from a kit that Kieran picked out at the craft store. He has become a constant companion and friend.  He has a happy-go-lucky outlook on life and is always optimistic and friendly. Here, Kieran has begun a comic telling Mr. Nilson's story from his perspective. I had to yell at Kieran to "put the pen down!" a couple of times this week because she had to go to school or get in bed. She just cant help it. When she has a story, it has to come out.

I started making comic paper for Kieran a couple of years ago when I saw she would create her own cells free hand and they were all over the place. I use a blank business card printing model with lines from an Avery label program.  I love the perspectives she uses in her comic cells and the expressions and emotions she is able to demonstrate with her drawings. Enjoy this incomplete comic, the latest from Kieran Meaney Comix!



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Hi. My name is Kieran Meaney. I have been drawing since I was 3, cartooning since I was 8, and animating since I was 10. My cousins call me Waggytail, ('Tis fun!) and I love the outdoors and creating. I will be the youngest person without a Facebook in my grade and I likes bugs. X3