Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Creatures

These are just a scant few of the Halloween Creatures I have created.  BOO!

Dragon and cat in costume

These are done in sharpie on the concrete floor of our garage. My parents are pretty cool, aren't they?!

These are all the people in my third grade class as dogs.  I'm the cute Rotweiller with the purple bow.

Tiger is ready to go shopping.

This is me and my friend Courtney. I am the peacock.

We could do a whole book on dragons. They are one of my favorite creatures to draw.

This wizard is acrylic on canvas. He is NOT a witch!

Dragon rider!

It is a little bit tricky for me to do my drawings with a paintbrush.

This picture isn't really as Halloweeny as the last ones but, it's cute. The seals are two characters in a comic I did for Mom for Mother's Day.

Happy Halloween!


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