Friday, October 30, 2009

Introducing Kieran Meaney Comix!

Hi! I'm Kieran. I have been reading books since  I could sit up and pull them off the shelf. When I was about six or seven months old, my mom used to prop me up with pillows in front of my special book cupboard. I would pull out one book at a time, looking carefully at each page, until I had looked at each and every book. My mom would take a nap on the couch while I read. I never learned to crawl, not like I wanted to anyway, unless it was to crawl over to some books or pens or paper or paint.

I started drawing when I was three. I started drawing characters like bunny family, frog kids and kitten people when I was four. My pictures always told a story.

I am nine now. I have been drawing nonstop since then. I draw, write books, write comics and have had three of my own big squares at I Madonnari, the Italian Street Painting Festival.

I can't stop telling stories with my art. I can't even stop when it is time to go to bed or go to school. Sometimes, my mom screams at me to PUT THE PEN DOWN!

Don't get me wrong, my mom loves my art. She says I am her favorite artist and she says I have a gift and I got going on it early. So, to show how much she loves me, she is making this blog, so I can share my creations. Just as soon as she can figure out how to scan my work, and fit it all in to her busy schedule, you will have lots to look at and read and enjoy.


  1. Hi Ki Ki...

    Love the pictures. keep them comming and I will let Alex and Indy look too. We love you and also LOVE your comics.

    Love aunt steph

  2. Kieran,
    I love your are and you stories!! I hope you keep sharing them with the world!
    Grandma Kitty




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Hi. My name is Kieran Meaney. I have been drawing since I was 3, cartooning since I was 8, and animating since I was 10. My cousins call me Waggytail, ('Tis fun!) and I love the outdoors and creating. I will be the youngest person without a Facebook in my grade and I likes bugs. X3